Soberstar, it's for everyone!

It is to celebrate men and women who have chosen a new way of life, a new way of thinking and living. Soberstar is a growing collection of fashion clothing designed with creative messages, inspirational slogans: peace happiness and freedom. We are proud to express ourselves, to encourage ourselves, loved ones, others looking for hope and above all proud of who we are today.

My name is Daniel, I own the Soberstar brand, which is much more than just a piece of clothing. It is above all, a way of life that I put into practice with progression. Just for today with so much pride, and especially so much gratitude. Soberstar is guided by the strength and creativity that sobriety can bring.

Soberstar is committed to donating up to 12% of its profits to organizations working in the field of treatment or addictions prevention (alcohol, drugs, gambling).

Because you illuminate this universe, be proud of yourself and your loved ones. You are Soberstar!

Tuque à pompon Soberstar Original

Tuque et pompon Soberstar, c'est le temps!

Hat and Pompom Soberstar, it's time!